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Together with customers, our AI team develops Artificial Intelligence solutions. We combine the latest art academic research, our exceptional knowledge of AI, and our own software development. We use these to produce tailor-made, white box AI applications for our clients. In other words, you get to see what we've done whilst you don't need expensive platform licenses. Great for your OPEX! By doing it 'our way', we have achieved spectacular results, enabling our clients to accelerate their innovation, creating new products, processes and business models with AI.

Our main markets

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Industry 4.0

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We work for some of the largest companies in their field. But also some of the smallest. What makes them all unique is that they are highly innovative organizations. That is why they look to Artificial Intelligence to create totally new products, processes and business models. As a consequence, they ask us to help with their innovations and to find new ideas for the future.

Our way of working

We have a very structured and agile project approach that embodies the experience our team. It is loosely based on the well-known CRISP-DM/Team Data Science models. However, our approach involves numerous iterations between process stages. In this way, we are able to develop a really best fit solution. In other words, we are able to vastly improve the accuracy and performance of AI models. Meanwhile, we also make sure that the project always remains aligned to the business requirements.


M2L's structured approach

Data Management

One aspect often not mentioned or even taken into consideration is properly managing data. As the amount of data that clients have to collect grows exponentially, so does the need to manage that data efficiently and securely. In fact, data transmission and storage can be surprisingly expensive and painstakingly laborious, even when using Cloud solutions. Therefore, we have introduced the principle of Good Data Management or GDM as we call it. Our extensive knowledge, not just of data science, but also of data storage, cloud services and database technology really offers our customers a clear advantage. The quality of data management can actually determine whether or not a business case is viable.