A human-like chatbot

Congratulations to our intern Arianne Meijer on the publication of her master’s thesis entitled Natural Language Generation (NLG) for Commercial Applications. Arianne designed a deep-learning based generative chatbot and trained it using public data-sets. A chatbot (otherwise known as a Read more…

Ai products for Smart Industry

Smart Industry Ambassador

Proud to announce that Machine2Learn is officially an ambassador of the Smart Industry and joins forces to make the Netherlands ready for the future. Machine2Learn, is a young Dutch artificial intelligence company, based in the Zuidas district of Amsterdam. Its Read more…

Dr. Ali Bahramisharif

CEO and Cofounder

Ali is the founder and the entrepreneurial spirit of Machine2Learn. Formerly an assistant professor and Team Lead at Scyfer, Ali chose to pursue his ambition by starting M2L in 2017, achieving instant success. Besides his role as CEO, Ali is also actively involved in advocating the responsible, ethical and explainable use of AI.