Machine2Learn's  Privacy Policy

As the EU's laws and General Data Protection Regulations want us to, Machine2Learn ensures the privacy of all of the visitors and users of the Machine2Learn website.

At Machine2Learn we take our responsibility for protecting your data seriously. We treat personal information that you submit confidentially. Even if you did willingly give it to us. As a matter of fact, our employees all have strict instructions to keep your details and information confidential.

As you've probably guessed, Machine2Learn is a business to business company. For this reason, we use the information that you provide strictly for business. For example, we may want to contact you and your organisation so we can answer your questions. In addition, we might also want to reply to remarks or other feedback that you sent us. It could also be that we need it to do our work properly and professionally for you. Finally, it could be the case that you want to join our great company and that you've sent us your resumé!

Website cookies

Our websites only uses functional cookies (if we bothered to turn them on). Why? Because we want to figure out if we had any website traffic. On the other hand, we also want to deduce whether people actually liked visiting the site. By the way, we use Google Analytics for that.

As with other cookies, ours are also small files that are stored on your computer. We just can't identify you as a person with these cookies, even if we tried. In general, you can get some good information about cookies from Google, see 

Our Machine2Learn Contact Forms

When you send a contact form to us, it is sent as an email. Because the nature of our work, we receive and store our emails in a secure email environment. Furthermore, only a couple of us actually get your email. That's because we want to answer any question, help with any remarks and generally be of service to you, in the hope that you will become a customer.


Storing your information

If you represent a (potential) customer organisation or you are important for our business, then we would like to store your business contact details in our customer database. Don't get us wrong, we believe everybody is important but we just can't store everybody's information. So why do we store the information anyway? Basically for:

  • Contacting and informing your organisation as a (potential) customer organisation;
  • Processing approved transactions between your organisation and Machine2Learn;
  • Ensuring correct and timely delivery of our products and services.

Sharing your information and personal details

We don't share your personal and or business contact details with third parties unless you gave us written permission to do so beforehand.

Removing, rectifying and/or completing your information

We  regularly remove personal details and information stored from our digital systems; all things considered, information is sometimes not required anymore, or we decide that it is outdated. In the event that the law says that it has past its retention period, we also get rid of it. We do this by removing or deleting the information from our systems and/or filing cabinets.

Of course, you can, at any time demand that we remove or delete your personal information. We'll oblige immediately. Likewise, if you just want us to rectify, update or complete it, we'll do that as well. To put it another way, we have to. It's the law.


Breach of data security

Something is a breach or suspected breach of security if ;

  • Your personal data has accidentally or unlawfully been lost, stolen or destructed
  • It is altered without permission;
  • Your personal data has been accessed, transmitted or stored without the proper authorisation;
  • If it has been processed any other way, again, without the proper permission.

Should it occur, then we have a duty to report it to the relevant supervisory authority. This is done within 72 hours by Machine2Learn's Data Protection Officer. And by the way, he's very strict about that.

More info

Well, that's a lot of information you've just had to read. If you have further questions about our Machine2Learn Privacy Policy please contact us or mail us at This page always contains the most recent information including any amendments to our privacy policy.


If you're into the legal stuff, then the site of Intersoft Consulting has all the GDPR chapters and articles neatly arranged.