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Artificial Intelligence is currently one of the hottest topics around. As a result, it's receiving plenty of attention in the media and from many organizations. Despite all this, there generally is an enormous lack of understanding of AI. For this reason, we provide Machine Learning training. In particular, we have developed special 1-day AI workshops. Correspondingly, each session has been carefully developed to suit its very specific target audience.

Machine Learning training

What do we do?

Basically, we use the workshops to explain in more detail what the different types of AI are and how they work. Especially, we concentrate on the Machine Learning and Deep Learning aspects of AI. Above all, we tell you what you can and can’t do with AI. Furthermore, we take you on a journey to discover potential uses of AI within your own organization. In fact, This part often leads to surprisingly good ideas!


What do you do?

Firstly, by participating in our workshops you gain real practical experience. That said, most of your work is either thinking, or using our simple EZEE AI modelling tool. In our brainstorm sessions you figure out what you can do with AI. Finally, in our practicals, you are left with our experts to create, train and run your own AI models. And by the way, you don't have to do any coding or have to do any IT programming.

For more technically savvy users among us, we provide a more in-depth Machine Learning training. In this one you learn to select the right data features, practise complex modelling and learn how to deploy AI software properly.


"All in all, a useful day, whatever your level or knowledge of AI."


Our in-company workshop offering:

  • Business Inspirations: An introduction workshop for Business Managers. Business cases and ROI are the important aspects
  • Basic Discovery: A day introducing the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. You get to learn what AI is exactly
  • Pro Science: An advanced, practical training of data scientists and software developers. An in-depth session and hands-on training with EZEE AI
  • Tailored Company specific: A made to measure training based on the company's wishes. We sit down together and create your very own session.


The workshops


AI Inspirations

Get to grips with Artificial Intelligence from a business angle. Together with the other particpants, you actively brainstorm to create viable use cases. Afterwards, at the end of the day, the best use case is presented by the group.


Morning session

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • What are Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • What do you require from your data
  • Live demonstration with EZEE AI

Afternoon session

  • Identification of potential use cases
  • The 'Business Driver Tree'
  • Finding data sources and the right data
  • Risks and pitfalls in AI projects
  • Presenting possible use cases
  • Selection of a potential use case

AI Discovery

An introduction workshop and short training in the new field of Artificial Intelligence. All in all, this one-day workshop gives beginners a great starting point to learn more about AI.



Morning session

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • What are Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • What do you require from your data
  • Live demonstration with EZEE AI

Afternoon session

  • Practical modelling session
  • How to choose the right features
  • Selecting AI models
  • Training models
  • Interpreting outcomes


AI Science

A hands-on technical session mainly for Data Scientists and Software Developers. With this in mind, AI modelling and successful deployment of AI software are the major themes during this day.



Morning session

  • Introduction to Machine & Deep Learning
  • Conducting AI implementation projects
  • Data preparation
  • Model selection and training
  • Interpreting results

Afternoon session

  • Hands-on practical using EZEE AI
  • Practical feature and model selection
  • Iterative model improvements
  • Deploying machine learning

All our workshops are given by our academic staff, together with our experienced Business Consultants, Data Scientists and Software Developers.
As an added bonus, participants are given a copy of our FREE web-based EZEE AI modelling tool

Post-graduate courses

Together with the Radboud University in Nijmegen we give post-graduate courses. For more information about these courses, please use the enquiry form below.

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