Cat or Dog

As it was only intended for Christmas vacations of 2018, we stopped the link on 18 January 2019. Let us know if you need it up and running again. Just for the Christmas to have some fun, we tried to train a deep learning classifier using 25000 images of cats Read more…

Importance of Explainability

Professor Tom Heskes is a professor in AI and Computer Science at the Radboud University Nijmegen and a cofounder and chairman of the board of Machine2Learn. In this video Professor Tom Heskes talks about the importance of explainability for the machine learning and AI applications. Click and Watch!

Bad Data

If you receive your data in an excel sheet where there are exactly 65536 rows, probably some data is missing. If your dataset has exactly 255 columns and was saved by Numbers, probably some data is missing. These examples occur quite often when you work with problems dealing with data Read more…

First Step in Requirement Analysis

The first and most important step in defining a new project is to understand the requirements of a client. Machine learning canvas is a tool to understand the requirements for a general machine learning problem and gives the structure that is needed to to guide the discussions.