Interviews M2L profs

Interviews with M2L’s professors

British journalist Lisa Loudon travelled to the Radboud University in Nijmegen to film Machine2Learn’s two professors. In a two-part series, Lisa has in-depth interviews with prof. Marcel van Gerven and prof. Tom Heskes. They discuss the workings of Artificial Intelligence and the future “Super Intelligence”. Besides this, they also address Read more…

NASA frontier development lab

Rajat Thomas, one of the deep learning experts at Machine2Learn, has joined NASA FDL summer 2018. NASA’s Frontier Development Lab (FDL) is an artificial intelligence (AI) research accelerator established to apply AI technologies to challenges in space exploration for the benefit of all humankind. Read more here.

Mixing AI and business

Leading innovators, scientists and high-tech startups can play a role in the process of identifying and solving business challenges. A connection to academia is critical for forward-thinking companies, as it offers direct access to innovative solutions and research results before even having been published. Machine2Learn provides support in finding new Read more…

We are Hiring Machine Learning Engineers

Machine2Learn is an Amsterdam based machine learning / deep learning/ data science company with a focus on delivering the state-of-the-art machine learning solutions. We have multiple openings.   Required: A university degree (at least MSc) in computer science or AI. Basic knowledge of machine learning. EU work permit. Python language. Read more…

Deep Learning and AI on the Zuidas

From the beginning of December 2017, Machine2Learn is located on the second floor of the Vinoly tower in Amsterdam Zuid. It delivers machine learning, deep learning, AI and data science consultancy to various industrial sectors such as insurance, IT, telecom, banking and chemicals.

Bad Data

If you receive your data in an excel sheet where there are exactly 65536 rows, probably some data is missing. If your dataset has exactly 255 columns and was saved by Numbers, probably some data is missing. These examples occur quite often when you work with problems dealing with data Read more…

First Step in Requirement Analysis

The first and most important step in defining a new project is to understand the requirements of a client. Machine learning canvas is a tool to understand the requirements for a general machine learning problem and gives the structure that is needed to to guide the discussions.