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The M2L AI Competence Centre in Amsterdam, is the very heart of our AI knowledge gathering and creation. In fact, we develop all our own ideas, know-how and products here. Moreover, because we are a university spin-off, we also has access to the latest academic input from around the world. In fact, we have our professors to thank for this. As a result, we also cooperate closely with different universities, especially in European research programmes. In short, being a spin-off really helps in this respect.

Our M2L expertise:

  • AI theory & modelling;
  • Deployment and maintenance of AI models;
  • Machine learning & deep learning;
  • Good Data Management & Cloud processing;
  • Embedded AI;
  • Operations research;
  • Software Development in a multitude of programming languages.

AI workshops

We provide 1-day and tailor-made AI workshops for organizations. The aim is to share our knowledge about Artificial Intelligence and bring them up to speed about AI. Even more, it helps them to discover the possibilities and advantages that AI can offer. Besides our own workshops, we also work together with the Radboud University to give Post Graduate AI courses.


M2L Labs

M2L labs is the name of our research concept. At M2L Labs, we experiment with new Artificial Intelligence developments and machine learning algorithms. At the present time our research includes work on GAN networks and probabilistic modelling. Equally important is our work on embedding AI in microprocessors and smartphones. The Radboud University in Nijmegen provides us with much of the necessary academic input.


Interns @ M2L Lab

M2L Labs is also a great place for Interns to learn more about AI and to gain practical work experience. You'll certainly gain insights into areas like deep learning, GAN networks and explainability. Above all, as an intern you'll will work in a dynamic and exciting environment. M2L's enthusiastic and dedicated team will provide you with all the support and know-how you need.

AI Competence - M2L Labs experimental research