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AI Solutions

Innovative, tailor-made AI solutions that help customers create that winning competitive edge.

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AI Products

AI products such as our Free easy AI modelling and training tool EZEE AI. No coding required!

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AI Knowledge

Cutting edge Machine Learning and AI expertise from our Competence Centre, headed by two university professors.

AI solutions and AI products

Machine2Lean is an Artificial Intelligence solutions provider. Our team specializes in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Specifically, we build white box AI solutions and products for clients in Industry, Services and Healthcare. Because we are a spin-off of the Radboud University in The Netherlands, we remain close to our academic roots. That is why we love sharing our passion for Artificial Intelligence. For this reason, we offer our free EZEE AI platform to help make Machine Learning really easy. Furthermore, it helps spread knowledge about AI around the world.

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Interviews with M2L’s professors

British journalist Lisa Loudon travelled to the Radboud University in Nijmegen to film Machine2Learn’s two professors. In a two-part series, Lisa has in-depth interviews with prof. Marcel van Gerven and prof. Tom Heskes. They discuss Read more…

A human-like chatbot

Congratulations to our intern Arianne Meijer on the publication of her master’s thesis entitled Natural Language Generation (NLG) for Commercial Applications. Arianne designed a deep-learning based generative chatbot and trained it using public data-sets. A Read more…

Smart Industry Ambassador

Proud to announce that Machine2Learn is officially an ambassador of the Smart Industry and joins forces to make the Netherlands ready for the future. Machine2Learn, is a young Dutch artificial intelligence company, based in the Read more…

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